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Monster Truck Wrestling Ring Playset CARS TOON Mater's tall tales Wrastlin' review

"Monster Truck wrastin' ring" "Monster Truck wrestling ring"

Cars Toon Monster Truck Wrastlin' Ring: Ready for the main event? The final showdown in the Cars Toon Mater tall tales series, "Monster Truck Mater," can be relived again and again with this wrestling ring that features a spinning floor, a "claw" for scooping up your opponents, and a lever for great flipping action. The ultimate pay-off? Defeating the monster of course! Made to work with monster trucks from the Cars Toon Deluxe Vehicles Assortment. Trucks like Tormentor, Frightning Mcmean, Dr Feel Bad, Dr. Frankonwagon and Rasta Carian are sold separately.

Monster Truck Mater episode starts at Flo's V8 Cafe, Lightning McQueen and Mater see a monster truck drive by. Mater states that "that boy's nothin'," and that he used to wrestle trucks bigger than him. He then goes on to talk about his career as a monster truck wrestler. Mater starts in the low-class wrestling ring and is introduced by an off-screen announcer as "The Tormentor". As the crowd boos, Mater says to the announcer that his name is "Tow Mater." His first opponent is a monster ice cream truck called the I-Screamer. Mater first flees from the truck, but he reappears disguised as a kid wearing a propeller hat and tricks the I-Screamer into preparing one double-dip dipstick sundae. When the I-Screamer turns around, Mater latches his hook on I-Screamer flips him on his roof. The referee pitty declares Mater the winner and the crowd cheers.
With his new moniker, new look and bigger set of wheels, Mater takes on more monster trucks: Captain Collision (whom Mater easily pins down), the Rasta Carian (who gets turned over when he loses his bungee cord dreadlocks), Dr. Feel Bad (who gets launched out of the ring and into the hospital), and Paddy O'Concrete (who gets covered in his own cement). At the world championship, "The Tormentor" is ready to challenge the reigning champion. When Dr. Frankenwagon, the alleged champion, appears, Mater thinks it will be a piece of cake; however, when the real champion, Dr. Frankenwagon's monster, appears and comes alive, Mater says, "I'm dead." Lightning asks Mater what he did, and Mater responds, saying he and Lightning were a tag team.
Back in the story, "The Tormentor" tags Lightning in his wrestling monster truck get-up and the massive monster truck tries to attack Lightning. Outside the ring, Mater shows off his tires to Mia and Tia. Immediately, Mater and Lightning tag each other and Mater latches his hook on Frankenwagon's monster. He drives under the ring and out the other side and pulls the entire ring over, defeating Dr. Frankonwagon and his monster in the process. The referee pitty declares the new winners, "The Tormentor" and Lightning McQueen, the latter of whom he interprets as Frightening McMean after asking what his name is. Lightning is doubtful of Mater's tale and the nickname "Frightening McMean" until The Tormentor's biggest fan shows up and asks for Mater's autograph.

Cars Toon Mater's Tall Tales is an American animated shorts television series by Disney and Pixar featuring the characters Mater and Lightning McQueen from the film Cars. The series first broadcast was on Toon Disney, Disney Channel and ABC Family. The "Cars Toon Mater's tall tales" series was released on DVD and Blu-ray featuring 2 brand new episodes. So far have been released 9 episodes. The last episode #10 is called Air Mater and the first of season 3, and was released on Blu-ray and DVD with Cars 2.

Cars Toon: Mater's Tall Tales é uma série animada da Pixar com os personagens Martin e Relampago McQueen do filme Carros2, em blu-ray e dvd com todos os episódios da minisérie como: Esquadrão de Resgate do Mate; Mate, o Grande; El Matedor; Tokyo Mate; MVNI- Mate Voador Não Indentificado; Heavy Metal Mate; Mate Caminhão Monstro e ainda contem IGN UFO Mate Lunático e Mate, o Detetive. Em breve Cars_Toon2

With Martin, Relampago Mcqueen, Flo, Sarge, Fillmore, Mia and Tia, I-Screamer, Tormentor, referee Pitty, Rasta Carian, Dr Feel Bad, Paddy O Concrete, monster truck wrestling announcer, biggest fan, Rayo Mcqueen, Frightning Mcmean, toys, brinquedos, carrinhos, Flash Mcqueen,

Les bagnoles animées au Québec est une série de courts métrages d'animation produits par Pixar faisant figurer les personnages Flash McQueen et Martin, du film Carstoon called Martin poids lourd partir du Les Grands Contes de Martin (Martin se la raconte).

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